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MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) – Future federal laws that would ban or restrict the use of firearms could not be enforced in Wisconsin under a bill supported by Republicans and subject to the approval of State Assembly Wednesday.

The measure is part of a nationwide wave of similar proposals to resist new gun control measures. The bills are a reaction from Republicans to pressure from President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats to tighten gun control laws.

However, because the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution states that federal law trumps the laws of conflicting states, many previous efforts by GOP states to thwart gun laws have been deemed unconstitutional. Several states passed similar laws under then-President Barack Obama, but judges have ruled against them in court.

The Wisconsin bill, which is also expected to pass the Senate, is expected to face a veto from Democratic Governor Tony Evers, who supports tighter gun control limits.

The proposal generally prohibits Wisconsin police, or anyone else, from enforcing federal law that prohibits or restricts sales of firearms or ammunition. It would also exempt any firearms or ammunition manufactured in Wisconsin from federal regulations and would prohibit any state or local government agency from spending taxpayer dollars to confiscate firearms or ammunition.

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