Brake is important part in a vehicle to stop or to protect us from the accidents. If the brake gets failure then one should face severe accident . Earlier the normal brush pad brakes are used , Then drum brakes are installed on the wheels for improving the braking capacity but it has a drawback of skidding while applying suddenly at high speed. So the technology helps to introduces the abs in braking to stop the vehicle without any struggle. ABS is the best braking system followed by all the automobile industries . It uses the disc brake pads on the wheels to slow down properly. Earlier it is fixed only at the front but nowadays it was installed in all the wheels to get more road Grip in turnings , High speed braking .

The ABS system detects the wheel rotation speed for every rotation to maintain the speed level same in all the wheels. If once installed you cannot able to know whether its working properly or not so the abs sensors are fixed on the abs to detect working of it. Electronic stability control (ESC) systems is installed to track the abs and to reduce the power of engine to compensate with wheel rotation. The computer processor is used to detect the abs working condition in all wheels . It is equipped with abs to avoid the lock up and improves the vehicle control. The sensors will get damaged or not working if not replaced frequently . This abs sensors ensures more braking and road grip while applying the brake .


Many people interested to buy cars and changing it for every year to buy new models at the market. Technology improvement adds many features in the latest cars also it attracts customers easily. Due to the population, Day by day number of cars vehicles becomes increased in the world. It leads to increase the traffic level in most of the countries, Its very difficult to drive car in huge traffic. You must apply the Gear , Clutch, Brake and Accelerator frequently to drive a car especially in the traffic you must do these things for moving step by step. It create tension on driver in heavy traffic, some self driving owners will get tension when they are on the way to attend a function or program.

This kind of tension will create more problems with people around us. This will also make health problems like leg joint and hand joint pains. The leg joint pain become increased when using the manual gear shifting for long time. People who are struggling to drive manual gear can move for automatic gear versions to get more benefits. The automatic gear system is little costlier than the manual shifting but you will be satisfied with its performance. The performance of this cars are really stunning to drive even in high speeds, Especially you can cut out problems in shifting gear at heavy traffic. The automatic gear shifting mechanism shift gear automatically according to the acceleration. It always detects the pressure of accelerator for every micro seconds. You are free to drive in heavy traffic only by applying acceleration and brake. This is more fuel efficient than the manual gear shifting. It is the better choice for the new learners also for easy driving.

The all new stunning Honda CBR

Bikes are the real friend for most of the people who spend most of their time in bike riding. Some people are very crazy about bike riding especially the youngsters with their friends. Day by day new models are introduced at the market to attract people. The technology and designing methods really adds some extra features in latest bikes. Honda is very popular automobile industry in all over the world, initially it introduces only the Race bikes but now it enter in to the commercial bike models. The new CBR150R is the latest sports bike model which attracts most of the youngsters in the city. If you are interested to ride an economic sports bike which suits for your budget then buy CBR to get more benefits. This is available in five colors but the red and white is very popular among the youngsters but you must book early to get these two colors.

It is the four stroke sports bike which is designed with latest technology to become trendy and stylish. It uses the DHOC 4 valve single cylinder with 150 cc water cooled engine. This is more advanced tune up engine which deliver more power also for easy maintenance. The balance shaft is fixed at the engine for equal transmission power. It is a 6 speed manual transmission, also you can change using the electronic gear switch which is in handle bar but it is optional. You can control or stop the bike even riding at high speed using the disc brakes, the safety is much more than normal bike where it uses both front and rear Nissin disc brakes will stop also in wet surface. Key slot cover is used to improve safety against theft. Mono shock rear shock absorber helps to get relive from back pain and shoulder pain. It feel like going is high suspension car while driving in smooth road. SASS is used on exhaust to make cleaner emission from fuel combustion. These features are really helps to keep away from more maintenance also for stunning ride performance.

Automatic transmission modes

Automatic transmission can also be called as the automatic gear box. Automatic transmissions have defined a set of gear ranges. Some machines with limited speed ranges or fixed engine speeds such as lawn movers and other use only torque converter. Automatic transmission differs significantly in the internal operation. There are two types in the automated transmission. The automatic transmission of car was developed by the general motor. They are continuously variable transmission ans self automatic transmission. This is the base equipment in the car with an automated transmission such as conventional machine. It has the ability to shift gears manually via paddle shifters. Vehicles equipped with the automated transmission are less complex to drive. The automatic uses the torque converter instead of clutch to manage the connection between the transmission gearing and engine.

A self automated retains the clutch like the manual transmission, but controls the clutch through the electro hydraulic means. The automated transmission cars with all its features and keep for sale. There are many websites that maintains auto transmission cars. The continuously variable transmission uses belt or other torque transmission scheme.Automatic transmission modes can be of various types.park The parking prawl prevents the transmission from rotating. It recommends to use the hand brake because it actually locks.Reverse : This engages reverse gear with in transmissions. Some electronic transmissions prevent the engagement of reverse gear while the car is moving. Neutral: It dis engages all gear trains with in the transmission.Drive: It allows the vehicle to move forward and accelerate through its range of gears. over ride: Vehicle with this should be driven to this mode, unless circumstances require low gear.

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